Did Marilyn Monroe Get Plastic Surgery?

When most people think of Marilyn Monroe, labels like sex symbol, American icon and '50s legend come to mind. For some fans, "plastic surgery enthusiast" also gets thrown into the mix.

While it's a known fact that Marilyn changed her name (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) and also her hair color (from basic brown to blonde bombshell), controversy remains over whether she changed any of her body parts as well. From the tip of her nose to her rumored six toes, here's why some say Marilyn Monroe might have got some work done in order to take her image from hot to sizzling.

Whether or not Marilyn had a nose job is perhaps the most hotly contested item from all of her proposed plastic surgeries. The trouble stems from the fact that exact details are unknown; no official records were kept if she did have the surgery. When comparing pre- and post-fame pics, some people are sure that Monroe had rhinoplasty due to her nose transforming from cute and button-like in the former to delicate and feminine in the latter. Others argue that it was merely the type of camera lens used in the earlier photos that made Marilyn's nose look bigger and wider. They claim that later pictures with Monroe's "button" style nose exist in addition to earlier photos with her "delicate" version.

Another point of contention in the "did she or didn't she" debate is whether Marilyn's bosomy bust was the result of her natural hourglass figure or an extra helping hand. Skeptics often cite a nude calendar shot that Marilyn did in 1949 compared to her more voluptuous look in movies like Some Like It Hot. Diehard fans say that such an assumption is hogwash, as a woman's breasts can naturally change size due to weight fluctuations and age. Marilyn was just 22 when that famous pinup pic was taken, after all, and she was rumored to have had multiple failed pregnancies, which could've resulted in weight gain. Also, the first silicone implant procedure wasn't performed until 1962, and Marilyn Monroe died in 1962. It's highly unlikely that she opted for one of the dangerous ball, sponge or animal fat alternatives prior to that.

One of Marilyn's rumored surgeries that actually has some evidence is that of a chin implant. A chart dated July 14, 1958 contains handwritten notes describing a surgery that was performed on Monroe in 1950. The records were updated to reflect that the previous collagen implant was now fully absorbed. It is believed that Marilyn's first agent, Johnny Hyde, insisted on and paid for such a surgery.

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery

A final surgery that conspiracy theorists like to believe that Marilyn had is the removal of an extra toe on her left foot. The extra digit was first suggested by one of Monroe's early photographers, Joseph Jasgur, after taking beach pictures of her in 1946. In one shot it looks like she has a sixth toe due to a clump of sand that got stuck to the side of her foot. Jasgur took this freaky foot photo and "ran" with it, perhaps as a ploy to get more people to buy his book. Nevermind the fact that this book also included pictures of Monroe with normal feet. It's much more fun for the gullible to think that this seemingly perfect beauty had a glaring imperfection!

Whether Ms. Monroe opted for plastic surgery or not, there's no denying that her transformation from pretty Norma to sensational Marilyn was remarkable, to say the least. Augmented or au naturel, whatever Marilyn did to enhance her beauty, she did it right if the goal was to have a look that would stand the test of time.


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