Completely innovative, Ulthera is the latest in non-surgical skin tightening technology. Used on the face and neck, Ulthera utilizes ultrasound waves to tone, tighten, and lift sagging skin that often ages us beyond our years. The treatment takes 30 minutes to an hour and requires little to no recovery time. 

About Ulthera

Patients who struggle with signs of aging like loose skin on the lower face and a descending brow can achieve a “lift” of sorts with an Ulthera procedure, a non-surgical skin tightening treatment.

This unique treatment uses focused heat to stimulate the deep layers of your skin. When the heat penetrates to the collagen beneath your skin, a regenerative process is kick started. The body begins to promote the growth of collagen, a necessary component of youthful skin. Collagen not only helps create a smoother appearance, but also provides volume to the skin.

Ulthera works in ways similar to a facelift or brow lift in that it targets the SMAS layer of skin, a key muscle system on the face. By tightening the skin and muscle of the SMAS, Ulthera procedures (and facial rejuvenation surgeries) provide optimal skin smoothing effects. This results in a reduction in wrinkles and also works to lift skin that has begun to sag.

Most commonly, patients undergo Ulthera procedures to correct a descending brow. This condition, which can worsen with age, causes wrinkles and lines to form around the eyes. In some cases, a descending brow can also inhibit vision and correction is necessary for some patients.

The treatment itself takes just half an hour to one hour to complete and provides some immediate correction. Though heat is applied to the skin, the most dramatic changes will take place two to three months after your Ulthera procedure, at which point the body at the treatment site will greatly increase local collagen.

Patients with good skin elasticity will see long-lasting results from the Ulthera procedure, though many patients elect to schedule follow-up treatments to maintain the skin smoothing effects.

Post treatment impact

Patients are typically able to return to their daily activities immediately following the Ultherapy procedure. Some patients do report redness following surgery, which typically diminishes on its own within a few hours


  • Tightening and firming loose or saggy skin on the face and neck area
  • Lifting skin on the face and neck area.

Side effects

No noticeable side effects of Ulthera has not found yet unless you have got trauma on the affected area.

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